Who are we?

Peninsula Plastics Recycling is a 180,000 square foot recycling plant located in Turlock, California.  We are the ONLY full service plastics recycler west of the Mississippi who specializes in the baling, sorting, grinding, washing, pelletizing and solid stating of recycle PET from the California CRV system. We offer recycling services and options for all plastics, including post industrial scrap.

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What Do We Specialize In?

We at Peninsula Plastics Recycling specialize in processing redemption, curbside, and industrial scrap plastics into clean, ready-to-use recycled plastic in the form of Pellets or Flakes. These recycled products can be used in a number of applications including FDA grade for beverage bottles, bottles for home cleaning products, shampoo, hand soap,  sheet for thermoformed trays and clamshells, fiber for polyester carpet, fabric for T-shirts, upholstery and sweaters, fiberfill for sleeping bags, strapping, and many other consumer products!

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